During my 12 week internship at Simcoach Games, I helped develop two mobile games: “Reinforcers” and “JobPro: Get Hired!” I worked on both games for about 6 weeks each.
For the games, I:

  1. Developed algorithms to detect different touch gestures such as swiping, circling, tapping, etc.
  2. Parsed and read Excel & Google Spreadsheet files (.CSV, .TSV) so game designers can easily modify content outside of scripts
  3. Adapted the games for both web and mobile platforms
  4. Incorporated an in-game replay, review and evaluation system for player performance
  5. Collaborated daily with a lead artist, game designer, producer, and clients

Here are the app store links for both games:
Reinforcers (Android) | Reinforcers (Apple)
JobPro: Get Hired! (Android) | JobPro: Get Hired! (Apple)

Both games have positively influenced Pittsburgh’s communities*

Reinforcers is a mobile game that recognizes various touch gestures to simulate rebar knot tying. The purpose of the game is to raise awareness of CAWP, Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania and Laborers’ District Council of Western Pennsylvania. I was responsible for the full development of this game!

* I was able to hand off this game with the team to our client and they loved it! It is now a part of their apprenticeship program’s mini-games which can be found here. The game has helped improve our client’s construction job application rates and hundreds of players have earned certificates since June of this year.

JobPro: Get Hired is a mobile game that also recognizes various touch gestures. The goal is to teach proper interview behavior to the unemployed or struggling youth through a game. Players must use touch gestures to address bad habits that occur throughout the interview to pass. They must also answer questions appropriately during the interview. I developed this game up until the end of my internship with the core gameplay experience complete and handed it off to Simcoach Games.

* The Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board released the game to the public as part of a suite of games. Community-based organizations use it to prepare troubled teens and young adults for jobs.