The CAVE is an installation in the CMU Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) that is a three-walled projection space with a motion floor. For my Spring 2015 semester, my team and I created a CAVE experience that CMU ETC could use as part of their tour. In the end, we developed two games and a menu system that is now a part of the school’s CAVE tour. Because the CAVE was new and recently updated, we developed and tested many prototypes to understand what makes for a great CAVE experience. Check out below for one video about the CAVE and another about Puzzle Mania, the game I developed for our project.

For this project, I:

  1. Engineered various Kinect, Unity prototypes and tested experimental interactions using linear algebra for body gesture recognition
  2. Implemented graphing algorithms like flood-fill for a drag-and-drop puzzle game
  3. Programmed core gameplay like deleting, rotating and dragging puzzle pieces with the PS Moves, detecting if board state is complete, etc.
  4. Created a Unity plugin to handle DMX Lighting and incorporated DMX Lighting into the game

Puzzle Mania is a game meant to encourage collaboration within the CAVE space and push both players and viewers to interact with each other. The goal of the game is to work together and use the puzzle pieces provided to fill up the empty board before time runs out. Players use Playstation Moves to drag, drop and rotate their pieces onto the game board.