An Ant’s Life is a storytelling world for Oculus Rift and PS Move that combines virtual reality with physical props to immerse players in the ant’s life.

ACM CHIPLAY has published our extended abstract! This project was selected as a CREATE 2015 Finalist and invited to present at ACM’s CHIPLAY London and Maker’s Faire Pittsburgh.

Summary:A single player journey where you lead your fellow ants to find food by steering your leaf. Enjoy the 2.5D perspective and art but don’t let too many of your buddies die from natural hazards
Goal:Tell a compelling, meaningful interactive story where the guest has some ability to interact in order to bring the story to a fulfilling climax
Limitations:3 weeks | 5 person team | C#, Unity3D
Contribution:Implemented fluid group movement through autonomous AI steering. Manipulated PS Move’s rotational input to simulate natural steering. Implemented billboarding. Utilized Unity’s particle systems to simulate rolling fog and falling raindrops.